Our Story

'The satisfaction of growing and producing from our soil is a pleasure in itself, but a far greater joy when using the correct tools for the job'.

When purchasing hand crafted, artisans tools you are investing in generations of craftmans skill and knowledge.

Welcome to The Potting Shed,

The Potting Shed is an Australian family run business stocking fine quality, expertly crafted garden tools, gardening accessories and gifts, sourced from the UK, Australia and around the globe. From unique stainless steel hand tools to hand turned wooden dibbers, there is something to choose from for the avid gardener down to our youngest budding gardener. Our garden tools will eventually become your family heirlooms, passed down from one generation to the next.

At The Potting Shed, we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of the products we carry. Each brand and product is carefully selected and tested for its high quality of workmanship, superior materials and overall usefulness. If it does not meet our high standards, we simply will not stock it.

We personally inspect each item and every order is carefully packed by ourselves before being shipped - (not 'direct from a warehouse' or a third party shipper).

As a family, we have enjoyed sharing the pleasures of digging, planting and potting to create a garden that is full of surprises throughout the 4 seasons. Our children are growing up, not only learning about where their food has come from, but how it is produced and the excitement of watching the growth from seed to harvest or bloom. Our gardens are a place where one can find a quiet moment to nurture the soul, read the morning paper with a cuppa or share laughter and good times with family and friends.

You will find us spreading the word at various garden festivals and events around the countryside, sharing our passion for green thumbs and quality garden supplies. Building relationships and enjoying gardening is what we’re all about.

‘Happy Gardening’

The Potting Shed Team.