Kokedama Balls

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Kokedama Balls are made by putting the roots of a plant into a ball of soil which is then held together with moss and twine. You can use a wide range of plants from tiny bulbs to ferns. Let your imagination fly! Succulents and ferns are one of the most successful plants to use.
You will need:
A plant
Potting mix (or 1/2 peat moss, garden soil, wetting beads)
Sphagnum moss
Coloured or Natural Twine
Choose a plant (suited to the environment it will reside in).
Cut 6-8 pieces of twine to line a bowl and long enough to tie.
Line the bowl with sphagnum moss (don't skimp on the moss or the soil will fall out).
Place the root ball of your chosen plant into the middle of the bowl of moss, make sure there is enough soil attached around the roots.
Tie twine together firmly at the base of the stem of the plant.
Pick up the plant and moss ball carefully and with your thumb hold the end of the twine and start to wind the twine around the ball to hold the moss in place, tie off the twine.
You can use any coloured twine around the ball, add pieces of forest moss if the ball is kept in a shady place.
If you want to hang the ball, tie the string ensuring the ball is balanced for hanging.
Soak the balls for 5 to 10 minutes in a bucket of water once a week or when needed. Ferns need soaking twice a week.
Thanks to Margie Abrey from Queensland for sharing this with us when she popped into visit us at the SE Field Days.

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