Figs Galore!

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So excited! Its that time of the year again.. Figs galore!


These little beauties are destined for the dehydrator to become dried figs.
To harvest, cut the stems of the figs to keep the whole fruit intact (instead of pulling from the tree). Our Flower & Fruit Snip with its pointed blades are perfect for the job.…/flower-fruit-snip-rhs-e…

6 lb figs (3kgs) 5 cups sugar
3 cups water 3 tbsp vinegar

1. Cut 1/2 of the stems off & prick all around with fork.
2. Place sugar, water & vinegar in large pot and bring to the boil dissolving sugar.
3. Place a plate on top to hold figs down & simmer for 2 ½ hours.
4. Drain overnight & dehydrate all day.
5. Keep dried figs in a single layer in a snap-lock bag in the fridge.
(I then add sugar to taste to the leftover liquid and reduce to make a mouth watering ‘fig syrup’, amazing on ice cream, date puddings etc.)

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