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Find out the latest and greatest news on roses with our local rose experts at Wagner's Rose Nursery

Which roses are best for covering structures?

The break is well and truly here with a lot of rain falling over the last month.
We have started one of our busiest, yet most rewarding, times of the year – as our months of work come to fruition and we prepare bareroot roses ready for freighting all over Australia – and internationally (but more of that to come).

From the Nursery
The ground seems to have got wet very quickly and we are dealing with tough, muddy conditions in the Nursery, making it challenging work to say the least!
The roses are ready to be dug up, pruned and graded - when we select the best ones for sale. They are then packaged and boxed ready for freighting.

We should have the bulk of our rose orders filled in the next few weeks, with most of our retail orders arriving to your door by end of July.
If you’ve been intending to order bareroot roses, there’s still time – just go to our website and make your selection here.
We’ve also begun new season’s planting for next Summer – planting out rootstock that has been ‘de-eyed’, and then nurturing it while it develops its root system.
So there’s never a dull moment as we harvest one seasons’ efforts whilst looking to the next.

Old Fashioned Climbers – the perfect cover
We are often asked for advice on which roses are suitable for covering structures. Rambling Old Fashioned climbers offer some of the best value for money and effort.
They are generally quite vigorous and thorny, both good signs that they are hardy and can cope with anything.
They cover big areas relatively quickly and whilst many of them may only bloom once a year, their light green foliage makes them highly appealing throughout the seasons.

The Adelaide De Orleans Climbing rose features light pink open blooms that fade to a creamy white as they age, and hang in clusters over the branch.
Flowering once in Spring or Summer, they have an extremely attractive arching growth habit making them ideal for arches and pergolas.

Albertine Climbing rose blooms freely and is considered a rambler, growing with vigour over any structure.
Its flowers have a loose open formation, beginning with buds of reddish coral colouring opening out to copper pink against a backdrop of small dark green leaves.
With a strong, intense fragrance and a height to 600cm, this rose is ideally placed over structures close to the house or pathways to make the most of the delicious fragrance!
Another one known for its sweet fragrance, the Cecile Brunner Climbing rose features small perfectly shaped deep pink blooms that cover a near thornless plant.
It is considered a free flowerer, is highly disease resistant and grows to 400 cm, ticking all the boxes for an ideal climber.
Whichever you choose, climbing roses are ideal for covering structures such as watertanks, fences, arbors and gazebos and turn a potential eyesore into a delightful backdrop.

Our Roses - a look to some more 2016 Releases

Our 2016 New Releases have been very popular, with many selling through. Here’s a look at three more that are still available.

A new release from the Kordes stable, this miniature rose has striking brilliant red flowers that span just 2 to 3 centimetres in width. It has extremely healthy foliage that is resistant to black spot and mildew. It grows upright and erect, to 50cm height and 30cm width.

Shirley’s Rose
This beautiful rose features a large, fragrant full bodied bloom which once opened, holds its intense peach apricot colouring in the bud, framed by subtle bone colourings on the outer petals.
It’s a vigorous plant and with its long stems, makes an ideal cut flower.
It is highly disease resistant and grows to approximately 150cm.

This unique deep mauve, pinky coloured open rose with a yellow centre comes from breeder Chris Warner, in the UK.
It is a vigorous rose with a strong fragrance and grows to approximately 90cm in height and 60cm width.
It’s considered an excellent landscaping rose.

Enjoy the Winter!

The Team at Wagner’s


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